Recent lab publication

Yang, K., Ryu, Y.*, Dechant, B., Berry, J.A., Hwang, Y., Jiang, C., Kang, M., Kim, J., Kimm, H., Kornfeld, A., & Yang, X. (2018). Sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence is more strongly related to absorbed light than to photosynthesis at half-hourly resolution in a rice paddy. Remote Sensing of Environment, 216, 658-673

Recent lab publication

Ryu, Y.*, Jiang, C., Kobayashi, H., Detto, M. (2018) MODIS-derived global land products of shortwave radiation and diffuse and total photosynthetically active radiation at 5 km resolution from 2000. Remote Sensing of Environment. 204, 812-825

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