• Li-COR visited SNU to offer Li-6400 (6800) training course. Yorum, Kaige and Soyoun joined and enjoyed learning.


  • We had a group dinner to welcome Ben Dechant and Yunah Lee to join the lab!


  • Ben Dechant joined the lab as a postdoc for SiF project! He is from Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, Germany. Welcome!! With his main toy, Li-6800 with fluochamber in below photo.


  • Juwon and Kaige visited Cherwon site and tested Kautsky effect.


  • Youngryel, Jongmin and Yorum visited Taehwa Mountain. We are going to install a SiF system in the tall tower located in an evergreen forest.


  • Jeehwan’s soil respiration manuscript has been submitted to Landscape and Urban Planning. Fingers crossed!

Bae, J., Ryu, Y.* (2017) Spatial and temporal variations in soil respiration among different land cover types under wet and dry years in an urban park. Landscape and Urban Planning In review


  • Juwon graduated! He has joined the lab as a master course student.


  • Prof Hiroyuki Muraoka from Gifu University in Japan visited us and gave a lecture, entitled “Photosynthesis and phenology of a deciduous broadleaf forest ecosystem: findings by long-term observation and open-field warming experiment at Takayama site, Japan.” We discussed near-surface remote sensors, phenology, photosynthesis, and most of all, Vcmax!


  • Prof Donggil Kim visited us and discussed with Jeehwan about soil respiration manuscript.  He appeared in below photo which celebrated Jonmin’s birthday!


  • Chongya was awarded the “Best Paper Award by Research Institute for Agricultural and Life Sciences in Seoul National University” with his 2016 RSE paper!! Big Congratulations Chongya!!!!
  • Hideki Kobayashi, Kazu Ichii, Yuji Yanagi from JAMSTEC visited us. They are the PI of LAI and GPP/NPP products in the GCOM-C JAXA satellite mission, and decided to use BESS as their global GPP algorithm. We discussed details in BESS. Very excited to see BESS will be embedded in GCOM-C GPP product! They brought their alma mater/current institute symbols (Tokyo Institute of Technology and JAMSTEC).



  • Jongmin has been developing Rotaprism, inspired by Joe Berry. Our system differs from Joe’s one as we use electricity to control rotation of prism. This will be installed in a tall forest SiF system. He is testing and we wish we could control all in Rotaprism.


  • Li-6800 with fluorescence chamber has arrived! It will be the main weapon for leaf-level chlorophyll fluorescence studies.




  • Chongya’s family hosted a lab dinner at a lamb’s grill restaurant  to celebrate Lunar New Year. Yan’s husband directly moved from Gimpo airport to the dinner. It was the last dinner for Buyoung who will leave the lab and start a PhD course at Ewha Womans University.


  • Youngryel attended FLEX2017 meeting (http://flex2017.org) in ESA (European Spacy Agency), Frascati, Italy. A full of exciting SiF studies appeared. Youngryel gave a presentation on measuring SiF in a paddy rice site. FLEX mission which will be launched in 2022 is really exciting one.

kakaotalk_20170118_073227156 kakaotalk_20170118_073153123

  • A set of SiF system (QEPro + fiber optics) arrived! It will be installed in a tall coniferous forest site. We are working with Joe Berry to replicate his Rotaprism system and temperature controller which will be coupled with QEpro.


  • Colby and Megan from University of Arkansas visited us for one week. They visited our field site, and discussed modeling evaporation in paddy rice.