• Yan’s BESS-Rice has been accepted for publication in Agricultural and Forest Meteorology! This is the first paper from Cherwon flux tower site where our group has been investing extraordinary efforts. Very exciting and big congratulations to Yan-
  • Jongmin’s 4S manuscript has been submitted to Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. Fingers crossed!
  • Ben established our lab web page in ResearchGate. Visit HERE 


  • Jane and Soyoun graduated and they earned the master degree! Big congratulations!! Soyoun will work at Research Institute for Agriculture and Life Sciences at SNU, and Jane will return to Zimbabwe to have some break to start the next career.


  • Govindjee from UIUC visited Carnegie Institution. Berry lab folks and Robin Martin met him and enjoyed discussion on photosynthesis, fluorescence, and history of photosynthesis research. So energetic person!


  • Youngryel was invited to join Editorial Board Member in Remote Sensing, and accepted. Wish to contribute to remote sensing community through both journals, Remote Sensing of Environment (Associate Editor) and Remote Sensing.
  • Kaige’s SiF manuscript has been submitted to RSE. This is the product from collective efforts across multiple groups over multiple years.
  • Trevor Keenan, Josh Fisher, Remi Luo visited Carnegie and we had a project meeting with Anna and Joe. Towards a better global photosynthesis estimate!
  • Youngryel attended Berkeley Atmospheric Science Center (BASC) sympoisum held at Berkeley. He joined the beer with Trevor’s folks– first met Remi and Cecilia.
  • Lab members had a farewell party for Soyoun and Jane who will earn Master degree this Feb, and for Jung-Eun who conducted internship over two consecutive breaks in summer and winter.


  •  Jongmin, Juwon and Jung-Eun visited Taehwa Mt and fixed several structural issues in SiF system. Super strong wind could not stop their passion!



  • Steve Running visited Carnegie and Berry lab group had discussion about global RS and photosynthesis with him.
  • Kaige visits UIUC for SiF collaboration with Kaiyu Guan’s group. Yelu Zeng from Carnegie Institution for Science also joins this meeting. We are going to combine three in-situ SiF datasets with Yelu’s SiF canopy RT model.