2018 Joint SiF workshop

Remote sensing of photosynthesis from sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence

-Joint workshop between Yongguang Zhang (NJU) and Youngryel Ryu (SNU) groups-

The purpose of this workshop is to strengthen collaboration between Korea (Youngryel Ryu’s group) and China (Yongguang Zhang’s group) to advance remote sensing of sun-induced chlorphyll fluorescence (SiF). Specific objectives include:

  • Sharing and reporting in-situ SiF data collected across diverse ecosystems by two PI’s groups
  • Evaluating and improving SiF model using in-situ datasets
  • Applying satellite remote sensing of SiF for regional to global photosynthesis estimates
  • Advancing global carbon cycle monitoring

Funding agencies: National Research Foundation of Korea, National Natural Science Foundation of China

Time: Oct 15th-19th

Place: Seoul National University, South Korea



  • Field trip to Taehwa Mountain (SNU experimental forest)
  • Visiting SiF system in a tall ENF forest


  • Morning
    • Overview of the joint workshop
      • Yongguang Zhang (Nanjing University): ChinaSpec: a network of spectral measurements to bridge flux measurements and remote sensing data
      • Youngryel Ryu (Seoul National University): Measuring and modeling of sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence in Korean sites
    • Site level
      • Qian Zhang (Nanjing University): Continueous field measurments of SIF and PRI and their relation to GPP
      • Zhaohui Li (Nanjing University):
  • Afternoon (YR has a class between 1400-1700)
    • Site level
      • Zhaoying Zhang (Nanjing University): On the SIF-GPP relationship across biomes from field and satellite measurements
      • Jongmin Kim (Seoul National University): Monitoring sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence using a filter-based near-surface remote sensing system
      • Jongmin Kim (Seoul National University): Can sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence track diurnal variations of GPP in evergreen needle leaf forest?
      • Benjamin Dechant (Seoul National University): Effects and implications of SIF canopy scattering: lessons from the site level and an example at regional scale
    • Discussion


  • Morning
    • Modeling
      • Benjamin Dechant (Seoul National University): A comprehensive overview of GPP-SIF-APAR relationships using SCOPE simulations covering multiple PFTs and a new multivariate approach to estimate all three variables
      • Bo Qiu (Nanjing University): Coupoing SIF model into BEPS accounting for multiple scattering effects
      • Nan Shan (Nanjing University): Modeling canopy stomatal conductance and transpiration from SIF
  • Afternoon
    • Satellite remote sensing
      • Songhan Wang (Nanjing University): Detecting vegetation phenology from satellite SIF for urban area
      • Haemi Park (UNIST): Remote sensing of GPP with an improved LUE approach
      • Benjamin Dechant (Seoul National University): A global process-based SIF product (BESS-SIF) and comparison to GPP and other global SIF data
    • Discussion


  • Morning- Group discussion
    • Trials and errors in in-situ SiF systems
    • Establishing spectral network
  • Afternoon- Group discussion (YR will pick up Joe Berry from ICN airport at 1520hh)
    • Modeling SiF
    • Linking SiF and GPP


  • Morning- Group discussion
    • Synthesis
    • Lecture by Joe Berry (1100hh)
  • Afternoon- Group discussion
    • Synthesis


List of participants (alphabetical order)

  1. Jeehwan Bae (Seoul National University, Korea)
  2. Joe Berry (Carnegie Institution for Science, USA)
  3. Ben Dechant (Seoul National University, Korea)
  4. Yorum Hwang (Seoul National University, Korea)
  5. Jongmin Kim (Seoul National University, Korea)
  6. Juwon Kong (Seoul National University, Korea)
  7. Junghee Lee (UNIST, Korea)
  8. Haemi Park (UNIST, Korea)
  9. Bo Qiu (Nanjing University, China)
  10. Youngryel Ryu (Seoul National University, Korea)
  11. Nan Shan (Nanjing University, China)
  12. Songhan Wang (Nanjing University, China)
  13. Yulin Yan (Seoul National University, Korea)
  14. Qian Zhang (Nanjing University, China)
  15. Yongguang Zhang (Nanjing University, China)
  16. Zhaoying Zhang (Nanjing University, China)