• Urban sensing project has been funded from Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute! It is ~3M$ project over the four years by the end of 2022. We are hiring one new postdoc! Please see HERE. Also we expect to hire one more postdoc next year.
  • Ben, Jongmin and Yorum attended EGU meeting. Ben gave an oral presentation about SiF, and Jongmin and Yorum gave poster presentations about SiF data in a ENF site and carbon fluxes in a rice paddy.



  • The rice paddy site in Cherwon is ready for irrigation!




  • New postdoc, Bolun Li, arrived! He will focus on developing filter based SiF sensor and retrieving SiF from drone. Welcome Bolun!


  • Jungho Lee from Kangwon National University started research internship for applying to Master course.
  • Bolun, Yulin and Jungho attended LiCOR training course to learn Li-6800 instrument.


  • Jongmin and Bolun visited Taehwa Mt site together. Jongmin showed our SiF system to Bolun


  • We had a lab dinner to welcome Bolun and Jungho.


  • Jongmin calibrated LED sensors in Taehwa Mt. Those sensors will be used to monitor multi layer canopy light environments and finally fPAR and LAI.




  • Jeehwan and Juwon earned Master degrees! Congratulations!



  • Youngryel gave a lecture in KARI (Korea Aerospace Research Institute) about “Global terrestrial remote sensing of carbon, energy and water fluxes: from platform to big science.”
  • We had submitted a proposal about monitoring structure/functions of urban ecosystems across soils to vegetation. After intensive proposal preparations, had a lunch together


  • Jongmin’s birthday! Congratulations!


  • Reinstalled hyperspectral sensors in Cherwon rice paddy. Continuous monitoring of hyperspectral sensors (400-900 nm, 720-770 nm for SiF) over the four years in tandem with eddy flux measurements !



  • Youngryel’s review paper with Joe Berry and Dennis Baldocchi about global photosynthesis has been accepted for publication in Remote Sensing of Environment! This is the outcome from sabbatical leave.

Ryu, Y.*, Berry, J.A., Baldocchi, D.D. (2019) What is global photosynthesis? History, uncertainties and opportunities. Remote Sensing of Environment 223, 95-114. [HTML]  [PDF] (2019.03)

  • Youngryel gave a lecture in National Institute of Agricultural Sciences about “Integration of near-surface and satellite remote sensing to monitor crop growth situations: from precision agriculture to the global crop monitoring.”
  • Jongmin installed Moni PAM in the Taehwa ENF forest site. It will continuosuly monitor fluorescence, electron transport rate and quantum yield. Very much look forward to seeing the data from this cold winter to the warm spring first!


  • Two visitors gave seminars. Our old member, Hyungsuk Kim (UIUC) gave a talk about temperature manipulation experiment and response of SiF. Our close collaborator, Kazu Ichii (Chiba Univ) gave a talk about Himawari geostationary satellite based land surface monitoring.

kakaotalk_20190104_120739771 kakaotalk_20190104_113627471_10 kakaotalk_20190104_113627471_13

  • Jeonghee Lee from UNIST visited the lab and stayed one week to study BESS. She is studying terrestrial photosynthesis with machine learning approaches.

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