• Jiangong joins the lab as a postdoc fellow for our NRF BESS project! Welcome Jiangong-


  • Congratulations for Vaibhav’s birthday!


  • Congratulations for Ben’s birthday!!



  • Our incoming postdoc, Jiangong, got married with Amelie! We very much look forward to hosting your couple.
  • Chongya’s optimality based Vcmax manuscript has been accepted for publication in Global Change Biology!
  • covid19 changed Teacher’s day ceremony.


  • Wonseok is a professional drone operator!



  • Social distancing has been kept with covid-19. Not so much news but we are making certain progress!
  • Mobile LiDAR+RGB+APX system has arrived and installed! We will use this system to do massive scans for urban trees.

20200428_182134 20200428_183432

  • Very neat design of 4S! Commercialized version by Soldan


  • New storage system arrived. We have added another 120 TB to our server.




  • We have been safe in this covid-19 outbreak! Bolun, Vaibhav and Seungjun works at home completely. The others who live in dormitory come to the lab when they want.
  • Liguo Zhou sent a bunch of masks (N95 and surgical). What an amazing world with so kind people. We met in Asiaflux last year. Lab members highly appreciate his kindness. We also got other kind offers from Chinese friends who are willing to ship masks to us.


  • Social distancing made people boring. We found many people visit the local urban park. Below is our study site taken by Yorum.


  • Cherwon rice paddy site upgrade! The deck is now directly connected to the container.


  • Yorum’s new tree built with 3D printer. She is testing tree volume estimates from LiDAR. This tree will serve as a reference.


  • Pablo sent us his univ flag! It decorates our flag wall at the last position.




  • Yorum’s paper for Cherwon rice paddy has been accepted for publication in Agricultural and Forest Meteorology! Congratulations!! This represents a good example, “persistence pays off!”
  • Ben’s paper for SiF and GPP relationships in major crops has been accepted for publication in Remote Sensing of Environment!
  • Yulin, Bolun, and Sai who visited hometown in China safely returned to Seoul during the Coronavirus outbreaks. We are all safe!
  • Subir Paul accepted the offer for the postdoc position of global crop monitoring project. He is finishing PhD in Indian Institute of Science and will join us this June. Very much look forward to having you in the lab!
  • Xingmei Xu joined the lab as a researcher! She will work in the global crop project.
  • Suhyeon Lee joined the lab as admin staff. Yunah will work with us with BK21 project. Welcome Suhyeon!!
  • Jongmin’s birthday. Congratulations! image-from-ios-4


  • Global crop monitoring project by RDA (Rural Development Agency) has been funded! It is a four year project (2020-2023), and we are hiring two postdocs! HERE 
  • Linking forest spectral properties with geostationary satellite for mapping diurnal variations of photosynthesis has been funded by KOFPI (Korea Forestry Promotion Institute)! We will announce the postdoc opening soon. The project will start Apr 1st.
  • Sungchan Jeong will join to our group as master course student. Welcome!
  • We hosted Dr. Pablo Zarco-Tejeda from University Melbourne! He gave two lectures on hyperspectral remote sensing and we exchanged many ideas/plans for hyper/thermal remote sensing.

image-from-ios-2 image-from-ios-1 image-from-ios-3