If you are interested in joining our adventure towards our vision “a sustainable world where ecological information is available and accessible to anyone”,  please contact us (ryuyr77 at gmail.com). The official language of the lab is English, and we very much look forward to having international students/scholars more. We care diversity.

General info:

Typically, I have 1-2 student and/or post-doc openings every few years. If you are interested in joining my research group, I highly recommend contacting me (ryuyr77 at gmail.com) with your CV at least 3-4 months in advance to the application due date. I usually don’t consider applicants who contact me a couple of days or weeks before the application due date. I pursue a small but very competitive research group, so the hiring process is highly competitive. Before contacting me, make sure your TEPS score exceeds 550 (for Master course) or 600 (for PhD course), which are the minimum scores to earn master or PhD degrees in my department.

I admit graduate students via Landscape Architecture (Mater), Interdisciplinary Program in Landscape Architecture (PhD), Interdisciplinary Program in Agricultural and Forest Meteorology (Master and PhD) programs.

Please check the application procedure here (http://admission.snu.ac.kr/). Some useful information follows.


1. Tuition fee and living expense
I support full tuition fee + living expenses to all students. The exact amount depends on my funding status. Also, I have a responsibility to try and attach additional research funds for your oversea travels to attend international workshops, and to help students apply for Fellowships such as NRF Global Fellowship Program.

2. Travel
I fully support students to attend international conferences/workshops/summer schools. Also, I support students to oversea institutes/universities (UC Berkeley, JAMSTEC, NASA-Ames …) to develop collaborative projects.

3. Moving expense
For those who live far from the campus and need to relocate near the campus to start the degree program or postdoc position, I support some moving expense.

4. Misc
Basically, I provide very good PC/monitor to new students.

1. Proposal
I require submitting your thesis proposal (1-2 pages) to me before starting the degree programs. That is, you should know what you’d like to study before pursuing a degree.

2. Field work
There are frequent field works in my group in Seoul Forest Park, Gwangneung forest, and so on. Active involvement in field works is required.

3. Products
I expect at least one (for Master degree) or three (for PhD degree) international journal papers published or accepted during the degree programs. I will fully support funding, intellectual contribution, mentorship and expanding international networks to achieve the products.


We want those people:

We fully agree with following rules in hiring by Google (source: Schmidt and Rosenberg, 2014, How Google Works)

  • Hire people who will get things done
    • Don‘t hire people who just think about problems
  • Hire people who are enthusiastic, self-motivated, and passionate
    • Don’t hire people who just want a job
  • Hire people who inspire and work well with others
    • Don’t hire people who prefer to work alone
  • Hire people who will grow with your team
    • Don’t hire people with narrow skill sets or interests
  • Hire only when you have found a great candidate
    • Don’t settle for anything else