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1. Peer-reviewed journal articles (International Journals)

(lab members are in bold, *corresponding author)

-In review-

Jeong, J., Ryu, Y.*, Lee, D. (2016) Trees growing through impervious surfaces use shallower water sources: A stable isotope study. Journal of Hydrology In review.

Badgley, G., Guan, K., Kornfeld, A., Ryu, Y., Kimball, J., Berry, J. (2016) Light Use Efficiency Derived from Remotely Sensed Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence. Environmental Research Letters In review.

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Jeong, S.J., Ho, C.H., Jin, C.S., Lee, M.I., Choi, Y.S., & Ryu, Y. (2015). Comprehensive assessment of urban albedo management for cooling a megacity: A case study of Seoul, South Korea.



Ryu, Y.*, Jiang, C., Kobayashi, H., Detto, M. (2017) MODIS-derived global land products of shortwave radiation and diffuse and total photosynthetically active radiation at 5 km resolution from 2000. Remote Sensing of Environment In revision

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2. Peer-reviewed journal articles (Korean journals)

[1] Moon, S., Ryu, Y., Lee, D., Kim, J, Lim, J.H. 2007. Quantifying the spatial heterogeneity of the land surface parameters at the two contrasting KoFlux sites by semivariogram. Korean Journal of Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 9(2): 140-148


3. Peer-reviewed conference articles (computer science)

[3] Humphrey, M., Hill, Z., van Ingen, C., Jackson, K., Ryu, Y. 2011. Assessing the Value of Cloudbursting: A Case Study of Satellite Image Processing on Windows Azure. In IEEE e-Science 2011 Conference. Stockholm, Sweden. [PDF]

[2] Li, J., Humphrey, M., Cheah, Y.-W., Ryu, Y., Agarwal, D., Jackson, K. and van Ingen, C., 2010. Fault Tolerance and Scaling in e-Science Cloud Applications: Observations from the Continuing Development of MODISAzure, IEEE e-Science 2010 Conference, Brisbane, Australia.[PDF]

[1] Li, J., Humphrey, M., Agarwal, D., Jackson, K., van Ingen, C. and Ryu, Y., 2010. eScience in the cloud: A MODIS satellite data reprojection and reduction pipeline in the Windows Azure platform, Parallel & Distributed Processing (IPDPS), 2010 IEEE International Symposium on, pp. 1-10.[PDF]


4. Thesis

Ryu, Y. 2010. Near-surface remote sensing of canopy architecture and land-atmosphere interactions in an oak savanna ecosystem. PhD Dissertation. UC Berkeley [PDF]

Ryu, Y. 2005. Horizontal wind flows over Daechung as affected by spatial differentiation of thermal and turbulent environments within a traditional Korean dwelling. Master Thesis. Seoul National University.


5. Books

[4] Baldocchi, D.D. and Ryu, Y., 2011. A Synthesis of Forest Evaporation Fluxes from Days to Years as Measured with Eddy Covariance In: D.F. Levia, D.E. Carlyle-Moses and T. Tanaka (Editors), Forest Hydrology and Biogeochemistry: Synthesis of Past Research and Future Directions. Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg, Germany. [PDF]

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[2] Ryu, Y. and Lee, D. 2008. Ecological implications of thermal and turbulent environments within a traditional Korean home, in Korean Traditional Ecology II (D. Lee Ed.), Science Books, Seoul

[1] Ryu, Y. 2006. History and perspectives for landscape architecture planning, in L·A· n·D (D. Kim, K. Cho, Y. Lee, Y. Kim, and J. Pae Eds.), Landscape Architecture, Paju: 326-339.